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How much does it cost to list my tours with unreal.tours?

Joining unreal.tours is Free, however you as a Tour Company/Guide are liable to pay us an “Introduction Fee” in the event their Adventure is booked by a Customer. Customers will pay us directly, and we will then pay the fee charged for the Adventure less our Introduction Fee to you.

Currently, our Introduction Fee is 15% of adventure value

How do I get paid?

Payment is made to the bank account provided by you on the next day after the Customer may no longer cancel the Adventure booked. For example, If a Customer books for 21st June and your refund policy is 80% 7 days prior to the Adventure, then provided there are no cancellation, 6 days prior to the Adventure we will make payment to your account on 15th of June.

We are not responsible for any losses suffered by you in the event the account details are incorrect.

How do you manage cancellations?

We adopt the same cancellation policy in your website or page. In the event you don’t have a specific cancellation policy, we will apply our standard 7 days cancellation policy.